Fachberatung für (Hoch)Begabung

Sabine Schraml

Specialist in Coaching the Gifted - ECHA Coach (ICBF, Uni Münster)
Begabungspädagogin (IFLW, Berlin)
PSI-Kompetenzberaterin (Impart, Osnabrück + IPSI Schweiz)
Trainerin Marburger Konzentrationstraining (MKT-Trainerin)


I have been working in the field of recognizing and promoting (highly) gifted people since 2000

I support and accompany both parents and professionals who deal with (highly) gifted children. This takes place in the form of advice or coaching as well as in the form of lectures and further training

In addition, I support and accompany adolescents and adults with questions and problems that can arise through the (late) recognition of their own talent. It is not uncommon for highly gifted  to experience themselves and their relationships with the environment (work, family, friends) as problematic, and find it difficult to deal with their own "being different". In individual cases, this can lead to massive psychological stress and (life) crises

Many affected people (whether as parents, adults or educators / therapists etc.) are initially overwhelmed with the diagnosis of "highly gifted" or "far above average talent". There are many questions

            what does this mean for our family now - my work?
            what do I have to do now?
            who can help me / us?

I will discuss and answer these questions - and much more - with you, and develop solutions that enable those affected to develop their personality in a healthy way

If problems already exist, they will be considered individually, taking into account all factors (personality and environment), and here too I will develop, coordinate and implement constructive changes and solutions with everyone involved in the situation (as far as possible)